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The documentary will be filmed by edward r. Murrow award  and Emmy award winning producers.

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A feature-length documentary film that explores the multicultural history, art, heritage and identity of people of Haitian ancestry.

Faces of the Haitian diaspora









How do we define culture and identity?  Is it the sharing of collective knowledge of traditions, language, norms and customs?  The concept of cultural identity has mainly been viewed through the prism of multicultural societies in the western world.


The collective view of Haiti fails to recognize the incredibly diverse realities that existed from the country’s inception. Actually, many Haitians in Haiti and around the world are made up of any mixture of Africans, Americans, Spanish, British, Canadians, French, Arabs, Germans, Indians, Chinese, Jewish, Polish and Italians. 

The aim is to fundamentally canvass, what it means to be, Haitian? Please follow us on social media.

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We are currently in production and are all super excited about this project, but we cannot do it without you! Your support is the heart of what we need to make this possible. Until now, we've invested our own time and money into this project.


But we can only take this so far. Additional funds are needed to expand our team and produce the project into what we know it has the potential to be. With your help, we can make this really special.


the Haitian Tuskegee Airmen

More than 75 years ago, several Haitian-Tuskegee Airmen earned their pilot wings at Tuskegee Army Air Field (Alabama). They were recruited to fight in World War II for the United States.


The U.S. government needed the Haitians to organize a patrol of the Caribbean Sea during World War II and gave the Haitian government six airplanes.

jazz festival - papjazz 2019.jpg

Haitian and American jazz

Music plays a vital role in bring people together and can be seen as a universal language. Music and art has always been an integral component in expressing the Haitian experience all over the world.


That experience can manifest in so many variations that history is unable or unwilling to show proper credit. As the debate of the origins and major influences on American Jazz continues.....

Waterloo Center for the Arts1.jpg

Haitian art collection

Haitian art features a combination of African, European and American cultural and religious influences.


The Waterloo Center for the Arts Museum maintains one of the largest public collection of Haitian art in the world featuring a vast array of colorful paintings, powerful metal sculpture and glittering beaded and sequined banners.


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A feature-length documentary film

The stories and news about Haiti are often about natural disasters, suffering and political crises, and historically, the collective view of Haiti as a predominantly black nation, fails to recognize the incredibly diverse realities that existed, from the country’s inception.


We seek to challenge and dispel this victimization narrative of the Haitian experience.


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